Three Suspects Allegedly Used PPP Loan To Pay Hitman To Murder Young Mom

So sad.

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Three Florida residents have been arrested in the alleged murder of Le’Shonte Jones, 24.

Jones was shot in broad daylight on May 3, 2021, outside of the Coral Bay Cove apartments according to Miami-Dade county PD. She died at the scene. Her 3-year-old daughter was also struck and injured, NBC Miami reports. Jones was working at Miami International Airport as a TSA agent at the time of her death.

Authorities are alleging the tragedy was a hired hit job, financed with a federal Paycheck Protection Program loan, and believe three people were involved.

“Bank statements were obtained which show a series of withdrawals of over $10,000 in cash and/or payments which occurs over the following days leading up to the homicide,” NBC Miami quotes from the warrant.

Javon Carter, 29, Romiel Robinson, 35, and Jasmine Martinez, 33, were arrested earlier this week for their alleged involvement in the murder. Miami Herald reports say a newly unsealed arrest warrant claims Martinez arranged Jones’ murder after the young mother agreed to testify against Martinez and two others.

Reportedly, Martinez was arrested and charged with battery back in 2018 for allegedly assaulting Jones. Before her tragic death, Jones showed up to testify against Martinez in February 2020. After the scheduled court hearing for that case, Jones reported being held at gunpoint and robbed in the parking lot by two men, one of which was Martinez’s ex-boyfriend Kelly Nelson, who is currently in jail.

Jones then agreed to testify against Nelson, investigators said.

After Jones’ murder, detectives began reviewing jail phone calls between Nelson, who was jailed, and Martinez, in the months before the killing.

Reportedly in one call, Martinez blurted out that she was “ready to go kill this ho” and said Jones has to “die.”  Nelson has not been accused of taking part in the TSA officer’s murder since he was in jail at the time.

Carter’s phone was also reportedly traced to the area near where the murder happened, at the exact same time the warrant stated. Carter’s phone also communicated with Martinez’s phone 127 times in the months leading up to the killing, suggesting the two were planning the hit.

So sad! This story is still developing.



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