Tyler The Creator’s ‘Come On, Let’s Go’ Video Is Impatient

Don’t make Tyler The Creator wait for you because he’s both punctual and impatient — two things that don’t go together well when he shows up and you’re still getting ready. That’s the premise of his new song and video, “Come On, Let’s Go,” from Japanese DJ and fashion designer Nigo’s upcoming album, I Know Nigo.

The self-directed video literalizes the concept, depicting a fresh-to-death Tyler parked outside his date’s house rapping into his phone before he completely loses patience and goes to break in via a conveniently-placed ladder to the roof. Tyler’s longtime hero (and frequent Nigo collaborator) Pharrell pops up for a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it cameo, as well.

Nigo’s album, which is slated for release tomorrow, features guest appearances from many of the designer’s favorite rappers, all of whom also share a love for fashion and dressing up. So far, he’s previously released tracks from ASAP Rocky (“Arya“), Kid Cudi (“Want It Bad“), Pusha T (“Hear Me Clearly“), and Lil Uzi Vert (“Heavy“), all well-known fashionistas in their own rights. Of course, the album also features multiple appearances from Pharrell, as well as Nigo’s own musical group Teriyaki Boyz, who are still best-known for their Fast & Furious franchise soundtrack contribution, “Tokyo Drift.”

Watch Tyler The Creator’s “Come On, Let’s Go” video above.

I Know Nigo is out on 3/25 via Republic.

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