[Saturday Spotlight] WesWill + Deshaun Hamilton

Welcome back to another edition of Saturday Spotlight. Each week we review submissions from all over the globe, picking the best out of the batch to highlight at the end of the week. If you’re an aspiring rapper, a producer wanting to create a buzz, or a singer looking to expose their talent, Saturday Spotlight is dedicated to discovering the next star. This week, we received over 40 unique submissions, below are the two picks!

Whether it’s your latest single or a new beat you made, all upcoming artists can submit music to us for Saturday Spotlight on this link.


Cleveland-native WesWill is a hybrid of styles and moods fused into one special sound. On his latest single ‘He Ain’t Me’, the genre-bending artist serves 90s RnB-esque vocals on a dancey drill beat. Immediately, WesWill draws listeners in with a catchy hook, displaying skill in songwriting and strong vocal ability — before stunning with a rap verse delivered with immaculate double-time flow. Though impressive, the multi-faceted artist doesn’t make it difficult for listeners to keep up, slowing the flow down while keeping it hype with punchy ad libs.

‘He Ain’t Me’ is WesWill’s first single of 2022 and will definitely keep listeners waiting for more.

Deshaun Hamilton

Hailing from Hamilton, Ontario Canada, Deshaun Hamilton is clearly an artist who prides himself on lyricism and storytelling. Through writing, producing, and engineering his own tracks, and even directing his own music videos, Hamilton is the epitome of an artist on the come-up determined to pursue his dream at whatever cost. With his first single of 2022, ‘Cash Out’, Hamilton tells a story many rising independent artists know all too well.

Shitty day jobs, passion, perseverance, and fighting external doubt are just some of the relatable themes the artist touches upon in the track. With smooth and intentional delivery, the bars are less about punchlines and more about conveying the artist’s real thoughts and emotions.

– by Nadine & Navjosh

Through our artist discovery platform Saturday Spotlight, we have discovered some amazing talent in the past including Russ, Ty Dolla Sign, Mez, IDK, Victoria Monét and Trap Beckham to name just a few. In most cases, coverage on HHNM was their first look among media outlets. Find the submission guidelines here.

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