Lil Nas X Pens An Emo Song About His Grammys Shut Out

Last night’s Grammy Awards were supposed to be big for Lil Nas X. He was nominated for five awards including Album Of The Year, Record Of The Year, Song Of The Year, Best Music Video, and Best Melodic Rap Performance (the latter with Jack Harlow for “Industry Baby,” which they performed together at the awards show). But sweet Montero was shut out. A zero-for-five night for Lil Nas X seemed a bit of a travesty, considering what a massive year it was for the “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” singer. You’d think he could’ve at least claimed the Best Melodic Rap Performance award over Kanye West’s “Hurricane?” But I digress. Because it’s not about losing, it’s about how you lose.

The always unpredictable Lil Nas X took to his Instagram Story to sing a song he had written especially for this losing moment. Shirtless, he recorded himself singing into the mirror: “I ain’t win no Grammys, that sh*t hurt my feelings, that sh*t finna make me cryyyy,” the ditty begins. “I’m fittna cry. I didn’t win no Grammys. Zero-for-five Grammys. Zero out of five, that’s how many Grammys I won. I didn’t win no Grammys. That sh*t made me cry, that sh*t me cry. Ahhhhhh.”

A fan grabbed the video from Instagram, tweeted it, and Lil Nas X obliged with the retweet. Once you listen to the short impromptu number enough times in a row, it becomes rather hypnotic. Almost like it’s a mantra he might very well be singing to himself the next time he’s up for more Grammys. Because let’s face it, he’ll definitely be back. And even though he didn’t win last night, Lil Nas X was still all smiles.

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