Viewers Call Out The Grammy’s For Calling Virgil Abloh ‘Hip-Hop Designer’

The Grammys are facing backlash from viewers for remembering Virgil Abloh as a “Hip-Hop designer” during the 2022 Grammy Awards.

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We’ve previously documented how Hip-hop has had a very rocky relationship with the Grammys, going all the way back to the days of Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff protesting the show. Decades ago, they boycotted over Hip-Hop categories not being televised, and ironically, last night’s “Best Rap Album” category wasn’t televised either.

To say any progress has been made would be straight lies and between The Weeknd still boycotting and Drake’s withdrawal of his nominations, it’s a bumpy road.

Last night, the Grammys struck another nerve with hip-hop, viewers, and even those who barely even listen to Hip-Hop.

While remembering the life of the late Virgil Abloh, the Grammys referred to him as ‘Hip-Hop fashion designer” which many felt was “coded” and “racist.”


Virgil Abloh had one hand on the steering wheel of two massive companies: Nike and Louis Vuitton, all while maintaining his own brand, Off-white. Plus, Virgil was nominated for a Grammy for his design work on Watch The Throne.

Needless to say, many thought the label had racist undertones and were not happy with how the Grammys used the phrase “Hip-Hop designer” to remember Abloh.

You can see a few immediate reactions below.

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