Tory Lanez Megan Thee Stallion Case: Tory Fudged DNA Test

Today’s hearing in the Megan Thee Stallion shooting case against Tory Lanez turned out to be an eventful one. Tory was handcuffed and taken into custody for violating the court’s protective order against him (again) and ordered to pay $350,000 in bail. While that event was the one that rightly got the lion’s share of the attention, another detail emerged thanks to Rolling Stone‘s Nancy Dillon that undermined a key — if unofficial — part of Tory’s defense.

In February, Megan Thee Stallion lit into social media personality DJ Akademiks, who “reported” that “Tory Lanez DNA WAS NOT found on the weapon in the Meg Thee Stallion case.” Megan accused Akademiks of being a stooge for Tory Lanez — an accusation supported by the fact that Akademiks tweeted the tidbit before the hearing had even begun. While he deleted the tweet, he also maintained that he’d obtained the information from court documents, not from Tory or Tory’s lawyer.

Today, Tory’s lawyer corroborated Akademiks’ claim, saying that Tory didn’t provide Akademiks the documents, but complained that if the judge “had seen this document, he presumably would have got it right.” However, some are pointing to the wording of his description of the DNA test, which they say suggests that Tory fudged the results of the test. According to Dillon, Tory’s lawyer, Shawn Holley, “confirmed the swab on the gun came back ‘inconclusive’ with 4 contributors while the magazine swab ‘excluded’ Lanez.”

The obscure wording has fans duking it out via Twitter, with some believing Holley meant that Tory was cleared and others thinking Tory’s DNA was never submitted. In any event, any physical evidence would only suggest that Tory came into contact with the gun or its magazine, not whether or not he fired the gun, which is the claim that will actually be contended on September 14 when the actual trial begins.

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