Nicki Minaj’s ‘Blick Blick’ Explanation On ‘Carpool Karaoke’

The long-awaited return of James Corden’s bonafide hit segment, Carpool Karaoke, is finally here — and Nicki Minaj brought the show back with a bang. Finally getting around to returning the favor for Adele’s epic impression of her “Monster” verse from years ago, Nicki did a spot on Adele impression too, and the show even managed to splice them both rapping the verse side by side. This is as full circle as it gets with internet memes, people.

But because it’s Nicki and James, don’t worry, the hilarious moments didn’t stop there. While rapping along to her new collaboration with Coi Leray, “Blick Blick,” Nicki suddenly realized that James had no idea what “opps” meant. “James, if you’re going to hang out with me, you have to at least understand the lingo,” Nicki asserted, when James offered “opportunities?” as a weak guess for the slang phrase around the 5:30 minute mark. She followed up by getting him to name an opposition in his life (his neighbor’s dog ended up being the example), and explaining how they would roll up on Graeme and Brenda to let them know when it’s time to put that dog inside.

It’s a pretty hilarious moment, and a great example of how applying rap lingo to IRL, mundane situations is… never not funny. Watch up top starting around 5:30.

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