Tyga’s ‘Lifetime’ Video Examines A Poor Relationship Record

When you think about Tyga, you mainly remember upbeat, party-ready anthems like “Freak Deaky” with Doja Cat, the hilarious “Mrs. Bubblegum,” or his guest appearance on Blxst’s “Chosen” alongside Ty Dolla Sign. However, on his new song “Lifetime,” he makes a surprising left turn, delving into a more contemplative sort of song that examines his “0 for 10” record with relationships. “Can I be with one soul for a lifetime?” he wonders, before concluding, “Maybe in another lifetime.”

What could be responsible for this departure? Well, for one thing, at 32 years old, Tyga could be aging out of his playboy persona. Plus, many of his relationships have been embarrassingly public — just a week ago, his ex Blac Chyna dragged his name through the mud on social media, claiming he doesn’t pay child support. This artistic evolution could be his way of wrangling control of his public image.

Or, he could just be taking stock of which way the game seems to be heading. After all, the emo thing has been going on in hip-hop for a while without burning out and if anything, seems to be getting more popular than ever. If he continues to sail in this direction, it’ll be interesting to see if his fans, long accustomed to Tyga turn-ups, will be willing to ride along with him as he turns down.

Watch Tyga’s “Lifetime” video above.

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