Eddie Murphy and Nicole Murphy’s granddaughter, Evie Murphy, is a doll! The youngster was recently photographed while spending time at home and on the road with her parents and the modeling spirit is definitely within the little one.

One candid showed little Evie posing while wearing a costume and wig that paid tribute to Rapunzel. Another picture was of Evie smiling while holding one hand on her hip. “Miss Evie Murphy lately,” the youngster’s mom, Carly Olivia, told her social media fans.

“Not her looking grown in the second pic,” one fan said. “I can’t take it,” the supporter exclaimed. “Stop,” another shared. “She’s the cutest!”

Evie Murphy made Eddie Murphy and Nicole Murphy grandparents for the first time. The youngster, whose father is Miles Mitchell Murphy, is definitely the apple of her grandma’s eye.

“I am a mother and I am a new grandmother,” Nicole said in 2020 when discussing her workout routine. “My fitness journey is quite interesting. Of course, I have five children,” Murphy shared. “I would say the first two children that I had, I did not take fitness seriously,” Nicole admitted.

“I had the baby and went back into shape, [and] I was fine,” the celebrity grandma revealed. “But then I started noticing the little changes in my body,” Nicole shared. “My body wasn’t as firm, the muscles were a little soft … I didn’t like that feeling.”

Nicole Murphy has been on a fitness plan that has helped her enjoy her life as a grandmother. “I think that’s pretty cool that I don’t look like the average grandma,” Murphy shared. “That’s why I think fitness is so important because I want to stay healthy,” Nicole revealed. “I want to be able to run with my grandbaby now and don’t be out of breath trying to chase her.”

Photo: Carly Olivia/Instagram

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