Safaree is enjoying life with his kids. The Love and Hip Hop (LHH) star shared a candid of him with his son, Legend, at a restaurant.

“I did his hair,” Safaree said of his son’s style in the picture. “Who’s better at doing their kids’ hair? Moms or dads,” the celebrity father asked his fans. “It’s ’bout to be real different with us,” Safaree shared.

Legend is one of two children Safaree has with his estranged wife, Erica Mena. The youngster arrived last June in the midst of what many deemed a whirlwind for Erica and Safaree. She accused him of cheating during her pregnancy. He neither confirmed nor denied such allegations but instead focused more energy on his music.

Erica Mena reportedly gave birth to her and Safaree’s son alone. Legend arrived several weeks early and was admitted to NICU. Erica took to Instagram to celebrate her son’s release from the hospital. “We did it,” Erica told her social media fans. Mena later accused her estranged husband of not being a present father. Safaree refuted such an accusation by telling his fans and critics that he was always with his children.

“I’m their lives,” Safaree shared. “They see me all day,” he declared. “They know what’s up,” the LHH star said. “My kids are with me in real life.”

Many believed Safaree’s claim. A few, however, followed Erica Mena’s response to her estranged husband. “When you officially live separately – And you get to pick and choose what day you wannabe a parent that isn’t being with them every day,” Mena tweeted. “That ship has sailed,” she added. “Twelve days after birth ALONE in the NICU being a married woman because ‘Dad’ wanted to vacation in Jamaica was my real life,” Erica said.

Legend is Erica Mena and Safaree’s only son together. The former couple also has a daughter named Safire Majesty. Erica Mena has three kids in all.

Photo: Safaree/Instagram

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