Saweetie Challenges Celebs To Guess Product Named After Her

Saweetie is on tonight’s episode of “Celebrity Game Face!”

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Kevin Hart is back with a brand new episode of “Celebrity Game Face” tonight and we’ve got an exclusive sneak preview clip for your viewing pleasure.

In the clip Saweetie reveals one of her proudest achievements in Kevin Hart’s ‘What the Blank’ game, challenging her rivals Charlamagne Tha God and Chris Spencer to guess which product was named in her honor.

Check out the clip below:

So where does a coochie-candle come into play? Of course by the end of this round Kevin has jokes about the coochie scented candle — but how can he not?

Honestly, Saweetie seems like she’d be a ball to have a game night with. Do you think you would have correctly answered her question? While we probably would leave something like the candle to Erykah Badu or maybe Gwyneth Paltrow, we could still see Saweetie having an ice cream flavor.

We’re excited to see what other antics Saweetie gets into with Charlamagne, Chris and Kevin. Which team would you guess wins the game for the night? Our bets are on Saweetie!

A brand new episode of “Celebrity Game Face” airs tonight, Tuesday September 13th at 9pm EST on E!.

Will you be watching?

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