There is no doubt about it, parenting is hard! It gives you a leg up to have an arsenal of “stuff” to help you get through the day. Well, the experts at Buzzfeed have put together a list of things that every parent should own. We have picked a few things off of their list to share. So, here are five things that will make your life easier as a parent! Credit card out, get ready, and shop!

1. A Key and Item Locator

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How many times have you been rushing out the door and cannot find your car keys, wallet, etc. etc. Well, those days are gone. With this key and item locator, you can find what you need when you need it. Little ones are no longer winning the battle with their version of hide & seek when it comes to things that you need.

2. The PhotoMath App

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New math is like speaking trying to solve equations that are written in an ancient language. But, there’s an app to help with that. Available on Android and Apple devices, you can help your kids get the help that they need even if you yourself aren’t so good at math. Scan and let the app walk you through the problem step-by-step all the way to the answer. 

3. Closet Organizer

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Cut down on time trying to find something for your little or even your big ones to wear to school in the morning. By using this nifty organizer, little ones can get themselves dressed without your help, leaving you free to do other tasks that need to get done. This organizer isn’t just for clothes. You can also use it to sort and organize everything from homework to activities.

4. Bentgo® Buddies Reusable Ice Packs

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Joining the Bentgo®family are these small and cute reusable ice packs that keep lunches cool. Moms, dads, and kids can all share. Available in a variety of cute shapes that feature not just pineapples but dinosaurs and unicorns as well.

5. Magnetic Whiteboard Chore Chart

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Get the entire family organized and on the same page with this chore chart! You can track rewards, chores, and more. This magnetic chore chart comes with six dry erase markers with magnetic caps, a magnetic dry erase board, a magnetic dry erase to-do list, and shopping list.

Want to see more things that will make your life easier as a parent? Click here and check out the rest of the list from the Buzzfeed experts!

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