LAPD Believe PnB Rock’s Murder Might Not Have Been Random

In the days since the murder of Philly rapper, PnB Rock LAPD reveals their investigation shows it may not have been a random act.

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PnB Rock was murdered inside a Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles last week and since then Los Angeles Police Department has been searching for answers and a motive in the killing. While LAPD investigates the hip-hop community is mourning the loss of yet another rapper who escape the dangers of the community they grew up in to be murdered in cold blood in a different city. Fat Joe has called being a rapper one of the most dangerous jobs and blasted his killers for taking his job. Joe also spoke about the act he doesn’t understand why they just didn’t rob him because taking his life makes no sense. Now according to TMZ, LAPD is is beginning to think the reason his life was taken might not be random at all.

LAPD Looking Into Pnb Rock’s Past Beef & Lyrics Reportedly Thinking The Murder Might Not Have Been Random

Since his passing social media users have blasted PnB Rock’s girlfriend for posting the couple’s location despite him allegedly posting their location first. Police are investigating and believe she may have had nothing to do with his killing. Reportedly the same question Fat Joe asked about why his life was taken is the same thing they want to know. The fact he was murdered has them leaning towards the killing not being random. Investigators are now searching his lyrics and also looking into his time living in Atlanta and Philly to connect dots with any beefs. One thing is for certain they are actively working to close the case and leaning towards it not being random which also isn’t a random thought for the police.

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