You remember the dance, “The Renegade,” that went viral on social media? Well, seventeen-year-old Jalaiah Harmon is the originator of the dance and in 2021, the teen earned $1M as a result of her amazing talent.

Let’s rewind for a moment to 2019. Harmon created the dance with her friend on Instagram and it took off, gaining attention from everyone including celebrities to influencers, and beyond. Yet, the teen wasn’t being credited as the originator of the dance.

“I was happy when I saw my dance all over,” said Harmon, according to reports at the time. “But I wanted credit for it. I posted on Instagram and it got about 13,000 views, and people started doing it over and over again.”

So, if Harmon wasn’t getting credit for her dance, then who was? Well, TikTok starlets and influencers Charli D’Amelio and Addison Rae Easterling somehow became the faces of “The Renegade.” So much so, the duo was flown out at the time to the NBA All-Star Weekend to teach the cheerleaders how to perform the dance, all of course without Harmon.

After the news broke that Harmon wasn’t getting the credit that she deserved, calls for that oversight to be rectified echoed all over the internet. Eventually, D’Amelio apologized to Harmon and the young creator finally began getting the credit and attention that her talent deserves.

Fast-forward to ’21/’22 and Harmon is killing it like never before.

She made the Forbes Top Creators 2022 list, and the outlet revealed she made approximately $1 million in 2021 earnings. Additionally, Harmon also made the publication’s 2021 30 Under 30 Social Media list.

She has even worked alongside brands like Levi’s, Netflix, and Coca-Cola, Clinique, and Champion’s Reverse Weave Week in October 2021, to name a few. The Fayetteville, GA native continues to shine, even though in the beginning others tried to steal her spotlight.

And of course, she has advice for others who are trying to get where she is today.

“My advice would be to not let it get to you but still speak up because you don’t want it to just be one thing and disappear after you’ve said something once,” said Harmon during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. “Still have it in the air somewhere so that people can hear you.”


Photo Credits: Photo Credit: Thiree Pinnock and Ty “Creed” Smith/Variety Magazine; Jalaiah Harmon Instagram

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