Styles P Announces He’s Retiring From Solo Career Next Year, Stepping Away From ‘Juices For Life’

Styles P has taken to Instagram to make two colossal announcements about his life and career.

The first of those is that next year, after he releases a final two solo albums, he will be retiring from his solo career. He does mention that he will still contribute to records with Kiss and Sheek and do features here and there if he feels like it, but it doesn’t sound like we’ll consistently get music from him after 2023.

The second announcement is that he is stepping away from Juices For Life. He is the owner and co-founder as of right now, but he acknowledges that the business will remain in good hands with his partners there.

He cites his spiritual health taking a backseat as a main reason, plus the fact that he’s about to venture into other important ventures. Check out the full announcement below.

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