Lauryn Hill gave her loyal fans a surprise to remember at the 2022 ONE Music Festival this past weekend. The recording artist brought her son, Zion, and grandchildren, Zephaniah and Azaria, onstage during her performance.

Lauryn sang a few of her greatest hits during her segment. She also promised to give her fans a unique experience in celebration of her album The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill crossing the 25-year anniversary threshold next year.

It was when attendees thought the recording artist had given them the best performance of her classing, ‘To Zion’ song that Hill’s son, Zion Marley, came onstage to give his mom a big hug. The 25-year-old did not stop at the embrace but rather brought his kids out as well. Zion’s other siblings – John, Micah, and Sarah – also joined him onstage.

“This is my grandson Zephaniah. This is my granddaughter Azaria. This is my son, Zion,” Lauryn told the crowd. Zion, who is Rastafarian, rocked a shirt that read, “The Most High Over Everything.”

Lauryn Hill discussed her life as a singer who experienced success as a solo artist after finding fame with the Fugees during an interview with Rolling Stone last year.

“I continue to tour and share with audiences all over the world, but I also full-time work on the trauma, stifling, and stunting that came with all of that and how my family and I were affected,” Hill said regarding her overall experience in the spotlight during the 90s. “In many ways, we’re living now, making up for years where we couldn’t be as free as we should have been able to,” the singer added.

“I had to break through a ton of unjust resistance, greed, fear and just plain human ugliness,” Lauryn shared with the press. “Little else can rival freedom for me. If being a superstar means living a repressed life where people will only work with you or invest in your work if they can manipulate and control you, then I’m not sure how important music gets made without some tragic set of events following. I don’t subscribe to that.”

Zion is one of five kids Lauryn Hill has with Rohan Marley. The recording artist has six children in all.

Photo: ONE Music Festival

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