Lil Yachty Releases Viral Song ‘Poland’ on Streaming Services: Listen

Lil Yachty released his first new song in over a year last week and caught an immediate hit.

The song, title ‘Poland’ was uploaded to Soundcloud by the dynamic rapper on October 7. It’s produced by F1LTHY and is only 1 minute 20 seconds long. However, the chorus on the track where Yachty sings, “I took the WoOoOOoOoock to Poland” went viral on social media very quickly.

The “wock” on the song seems to be referring to the drink lean which is a combination of cough syrup and soda (please stay away from drugs). The nickname is made from Wockhardt, the Indian pharmaceutical company which produces the high selling cough syrup.

Yachty taking the drink to Poland is an interesting case study for sure. After going viral with the track, the rapper has now released it officially across all streaming platforms. Listen below.

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