Florida Teen Steals $10k From Grandmother, Blesses Classmates

Florida student steals $10,000 from Grandmother’s safe then surprisingly gives the money away to fellow classmates.

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In middle school and sometimes high school, it can be tough for kids and they will almost go to great lengths to fit in. From begging parents for the latest electronics, clothes, or anything their peers like to even bullying other kids. When you think about it school is a wild place and then you throw social media on top of it, the place can be over whelming for children.

Florida Teen Reportedly Steals $10k From Grandmother’s Safe, Gives The Money To Classmates

One Flordia teen decided to win over the entire school in a very expensive way according to the Modesto Bee. A teenage student from Lake Weir Middle School in Summerfield reportedly stole over $10k from her Grandmother and then proceeded to hand the money out at the school. Once it was discovered that the money was being handed out at school it prompted the principal to call families and attempt to recover the money.

“If you would speak with your children, and if they have received money from the student, please turn it in to our school resource officers,” he said in the voicemail, which was sent to McClatchy News by Marion County Public Schools spokesman Kevin Christian. “There will be no consequences for turning in the money.”

Deputies from Marion County responded to the school on October 20th and searched the student’s backpack recovering $2,587. Later the grandmother revealed the teen stole the money out of her safe using a screwdriver according to an affidavit. She reportedly had been handing out the money in sums of $200, $400, and $700 to classmates all day.

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