Amara La Negra is unquestionably one doting mom. The Love and Hip Hop: Miami (LHHMIA) star reality star/musician is constantly sharing her journey with twin daughters Sumajestad Royalty and Sualteza Empress, with the world. Recently, Amara La Negra covered the Dominican magazine, “Oh! Magazine” with her twin girls, starting her interview by saying, “Being a mother, has awakened in me a power I didn’t know.” And we unquestionably believe it! Take a look at a few excerpts from the interview below where she talks more about her girls.

Oh! Magazine: How are mother of two days going?

Amara: I am an only child, all my life I wanted to be a mother. I loved taking care of the other children when I was in daycare; I walked with my little dolls up and down. It was always an illusion and this is one of the most beautiful stages of my life. I am unbearable, I have mastitis (mom-itis); I am in love with my daughters, it is the most real, most genuine feeling…

Now that they are older, I feel more comfortable also dedicating myself to music, because I know that entertainment keeps me traveling, and it is a process when you have two small babies; but everything is possible and I am very grateful to my mother who supports me a lot. She herself always tells me that she wants to see me on stage again; I also dream that my daughters see me on stage and see the “artist” that is their mother (laughs).

Oh! Magazine: Is it a dream come true to see your daughters?

Amara: I feel very grateful to God for giving me this blessing. When I bought my mansion in Los Angeles, I did it thinking that one day I was going to fill it. I knew I wanted to fill it with life, with children laughing… and God gifted me two at once. Although it didn’t go as planned (I wanted all my children to be from the same father), I would love to have more babies. But God’s plans are perfect… With two more babies I would have the ideal number: 4 children running around the house. …

Oh! Magazine: You were pregnant with triplets, tell us about your loss.

Amara: Yes, I was pregnant with triplets, unfortunately I lost one of my children, but I have two left. God knows what he does, maybe he thought she wasn’t ready for three right now. I was quite sad, it hurt a lot, but I also had to understand that God is the only one who is in control of everything.

My girls were born very small and stayed in an incubator for two weeks. It was a cesarean delivery and I recovered quite well and quickly. Within a week I was already working and within two weeks I was traveling. I put on my faja (girdle/cincher) and went out, because I had to work for them; It’s up to me as a single mother to take care of everything.

Oh! Magazine: When you had your daughters, you didn’t feel an immediate connection with them. What advice do you give to those mothers with postpartum depression who find it difficult to adapt to this new role?

Amara: Postpartum is a serious thing, you have to understand that your body is going through a drastic change. It is producing another body, another human being, and in my case it was more than one, imagine. I confess that at first it was difficult for me to understand that I had daughters; I did not process for a while that they were my daughters. I loved them, I wanted them, but I wasn’t processing it, I was still in shock.

I come from being Amara La Negra, a sex symbol, from not having a united family, from growing up with my mother… and then seeing myself with two lives that came out of me. I was afraid to carry them, to bathe them, I felt that I could break them when I saw them so delicate and small. But I also understood that the hormonal had an influence, your body is trying to adapt, and your life is as well.

Oh! Magazine: What do you want for your daughters futures?

Amara: I want them to be proud of me. That they value the sacrifice I am making to be the best possible mother, in order to build a future for them. I want to raise them, the same way my mother did me: with that special connection, we are best friends, but she also taught me to be humble, work hard and sacrifice to achieve my goals. Even though I was an only child, she never gave me everything, she made me work for the things I wanted, and thanks to her, I learned discipline. I am going to do everything possible to teach them to be good administrators, to have a life plan and take care of their assets; all those things that I already knew after growing up. They are both very charismatic, they dance and laugh a lot. Oh! And with salsa (music) they get excited. It’s so nice to see how they show their personality and their tastes. I feel complete…

Oh! Magazine: You have had a few trips to the DR, what are you cooking up locally?

Amara: More than anything it has been because I am an investor in real estate in Samaná, Juan Dolio and Santo Domingo. Additionally, I am working on the construction of a boutique hotel and residences under the brand of my daughters. I am focusing a lot on the “Royal Twins,” since I found out I was pregnant I understood that it was my duty to create a future for my daughters. They will already know what they want to do next, but I am focused on making a platform for them so that they do not have to spend time “working”. I am introducing them to the world on the right foot. We have even just launched the “Royal Twins Transportation,” a rent-a-car.

This is the first stage of many other things to come, they also have their own clothing line; we have gone from one month to three years, each season we are adding different designs. It has gone very well for us, we have had very good acceptance and also now my babies are Fashion Nova figures.

To read the interview in it’s entirety, click here. We cannot wait to see what is on the horizon for Amara La Negra y sus dos angelitas (and her two angels).



Photo Credit(s)/Featrued Image: Amara La Negra/Instagram

Note: Translated. Interview is originally printed in Spanish.

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