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Following a couple of weeks of hiatus, welcome back to another edition of Saturday Spotlight. Each week we review submissions from all over the globe, picking the best out of the batch to highlight at the end of the week. If you’re an aspiring rapper, a producer wanting to create a buzz, or a singer looking to expose their talent, Saturday Spotlight is dedicated to discovering the next star. This week, we received over 50 submissions — below are the two picks!

Whether it’s your latest single or a new beat you made, all upcoming artists can submit music to us for Saturday Spotlight on this link.


Coming from Deptford, New Jersey, NOVÈ is an American Singer/Songwriter, Rapper and Producer who delves seamlessly into R&B, Pop, Funk and Hip-Hop, with his own twist and direction.

Born Eric Coles in 1998 to a single parent mother in a suburban town. Influences such as Michael Jackson, DMX, Usher, James Brown and more, has shaped the 24 year old talent to become a gumbo pot of music and artistry.

Having been involved in the arts since he was merely 9 years old, NOVÉ is no stranger to expressing the deepest and most intangible of emotions through various mediums. Whether acting or singing, he identifies the stage as his home.

NOVÈ released his first project “Nice Guys Finish First” in 2019, which is where the artist first found his growing fan base within the Tri-State Area. Since then, NOVÈ has released an EP titled “APOLLO”, as well as a number of impactful singles. At this time, NOVÉ is working on his album entitled “OKAY, I’M AWAKE”  and has just released his lead single off the album entitled “Ego is the G.O.A.T”.

Speaking on the messaging of the track, NOVÉ shares “Ask yourself this question. If you survived 2 hurricanes, 3 evictions & couch surfed for over two years, while battling with depression & anxiety, how would you feel? Angry? frustrated? Mentally Exhausted? “EGO Is the G.O.A.T” embodies all these emotions into one captivating story.

NOVÉ is certainly expressive and powerful in his delivery, flawlessly emoting his anger and frustration with powerful bars and cutting flow.

Listen to EGO is the G.O.A.T. by NOVÉ below.


It’s not often that one comes across an artist that genuinely perks your ears as a listener — one whose confidence and skill jumps fiercely, defiantly, from a track. 205.Ghee is this very artist. With Center Piece, which comes fully fledged with a quirky but cinematic music video, 205.Ghee presents himself to listeners as an artist to put on par with the likes of Buddy and Vince Staples. But this is not to compare 205.Ghee — he’s certainly in a league of his own with his engaging storytelling and witty bars. His flow is easygoing, more concerned with exuding personality than impressing. Ironically, this is what makes it impressive. Center Piece is stylistically a braggadocios track — he humorously refers to his whip as a “spaceship”. The track even comes fully equipped with a mini skit where the artist cautious his passengers to not slam the door or ruin his leather seats. Sonically, the track is clean in mix and delivery, with a spacey outro assist delivered impeccably by Toolai to finish it off.

Listen to Center Piece by 205.Ghee & Toolai below.

– by Nadine & Navjosh

Through our artist discovery platform Saturday Spotlight, we have discovered some amazing talent in the past including Russ, Ty Dolla Sign, Mez, IDK, Victoria Monét and Trap Beckham to name just a few. In most cases, coverage on HHNM was their first look among media outlets. Find the submission guidelines here.

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