How To Look At Your Apple Music Replay For 2022

Spotify is getting a lot of attention right now because we’re approaching a fun time of year: the release of Spotify Wrapped, a summary of users’ listening habits over the past year that annually takes over social media for a couple days. Let’s not forget the Apple Music users among us, though, as there are a lot of them: As of 2021, Spotify is in the lead with 31 percent of the streaming music global market share, but Apple Music is in second with 15 percent.

Thankfully, Apple Music users have a similar option: Apple Music Replay, which serves pretty much the same purpose as Wrapped. One advantage that Replay has over Wrapped, though, is that Apple’s option is available right now. Apple has a support page on how to access it, but in summary: Head to, sign in with the Apple ID associated with your Apple Music account, and hit the “Get Started” button.

From there, you have a few options. Per Apple:

  • “Get insights throughout the year: Once you’re eligible, you can see the songs, artists, and albums that you listened to so far this year, along with play counts and the time that you’ve spent listening to them.”
  • “See your year-end Replay: At the end of the calendar year, you can see your top songs, artists, albums, genres, playlists, and stations, along with play counts, totals, and the time that you’ve spent listening to them.”
  • “Play your year-end highlight reel: Celebrate your year in music with an audio and visual recap of the music that you listened to the most.”
  • “Share insights: Tap the Share button to share your personalized listening insights in a message and on social media.”

On top of all that, Replay got a fresh coat of paint this year, so it ought to look and work better than ever.

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